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Decals are a quick and inexpensive way to give your products a handpainted look. General Instructions:

  1. Surface to be decaled should be clean, dry, and smooth.

  2. Decals will burn, but will not support combustion. If the flame touches the decal, it will burn off very rapidly, but otherwise the candle will be unaffected.

  3. Larger decals may be cut to fit.

  4. Always use a sharp knife or scissor when cutting decals.

1. The basic tools are a scissor and a bowl of warm water. 2. Cut out the decal, or portion of decal desired.
3. Place decal in bowl of warm water for about 30 to 45 seconds (until decal will slide on backing paper). 4. Position backing paper on candle. Slide decal off onto candle. For a short period you will be able to slide the decal around if any repositioning is needed. Make sure there are no trapped air bubbles.
5. Allow to dry fully before handling. 6. Decals can also be applied to the inside of glass to make decorative containers. The above instructions apply except the front of the decal is applied to the glass.
7. Make sure decal has dried completely before using.

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