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Fluted Candle Molds
  • Durable Metal Molds - last a very long time with reasonable care.
  • All include: wick holder bar, mold sealer, 3 feet of wick, and instructions.
  • Candles made in round molds have a single seam which can be trimmed with a knife, then polished with an old nylon stocking.
  • Usage Tips:
    1. Do not drop, pry, scratch or dent.
    2. Placing in a water bath improves finish on candles.
    3. Dry thoroughly after use to prevent rusting.
    4. Spray with silicone before storing to prevent rusting.
    5. Store in sealed container or upside down to keep out dust.
    6. If candle gets stuck in mold, place in freezer for a few minutes. If it still won't come out, place it in hot water (this ruins finish on candle, and should be considered a last resort). Never try to pry or carve stuck wax from mold - this will almost always ruin the mold.
    7. Molds may have sharp edges - handle with care.

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