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  1. Place rim of the mold on a piece of cardboard.

  2. Trace outline onto cardboard. (see illustration below)

  3. Cut out just inside the line (about 1/8 inch inside). (see illustration below)

  4. Fill the mold with warm water. This will be the amount of water needed with the mixed plaster.

  5. Pour the water into your mixing bowl. Sprinkle the plaster in while stirring until all water is absorbed.

  6. Fill mold halfway with plaster and knead gently to release any trapped air bubbles.

  7. Place mold into the cardboard prepared earlier.

  8. Fill the balance of the mold with plaster.

  9. Suspend the mold in a glass or jug of warm water. Water level should be as high as possible without spilling over.

  10. Allow plaster to harden.

  11. When fully hard, remove mold from water. Do not dry off.

  12. Rub a drop of dishwashing liquid over the mold to lubricate it.
  13. Peel mold off of casting.
  14. Molds should be washed with soapy water, then rinsed before storing. If storing for long periods, it should be dusted with talcum powder.

  15. Store in darkness.

  16. Latex has a memory so do not store molds in a squashed position.


1. Place on Cardboard and trace around rim of mold. 2. Cut out just inside of traced line.

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