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General Instructions:

  1. Most molds will not require use of mold release, but if needed the inside may be rubbed with pure silicone.

  2. Molds should be washed with soapy water, then rinsed before storing. If storing for long periods, it should be dusted with talcum powder.

  3. Store in darkness.

  4. Latex has a memory so do not store molds in a squashed position.


1. Place on Cardboard and trace around rim of mold. 2. Cut out just inside of traced line.
3. Pierce a wick hole where desired using a large pin or needle. 4. Bend a thin wire and insert through hole made in step 4 from inside to outside.
5. Insert a length of wick through the loop in the wire. Pull it through. (much the same way as a needle threeader works). 6. Attach wick to a bar and remove slack. Insert mold into cardboard prepared earlier.
7. Fill the mold with wax. I find that temperatures around 160 F. work well. Once the mold is filled wait 2 minutes, then suspend it into cool water. 8. If necessary, make a second pour. Once fully cool remove from mold. Rub one drop of dishwasing liquid onto surface of the mold.
9. Peel the mold off the candle. 10. The candle is then finished normally. Level the base, trim the wick.

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